Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Look!

Over the last couple of days you may have noticed a couple of things. First, I have not been posting as regularly as I normally do. Second, there has been a change to the color and header to the blog. While these may not seem related, they are. I've been busy working on a new web site and branding for Magical Moments Photography.

If you look at the blog header, you'll notice the new font for the studio name. My magazine ads reflect a varient of this as a logo. In addition, the color scheme of the blog has changed from blue to purple. This is to match the new web site's color scheme. I hope to make the blog integrate better with the site.

In the meantime, I'm excited about the new look for Early reviews for the site have been quite favorable. In fact, I've decided to enter the site in the 2008 PPA AN-NE Marketing Awards Competition. We'll get to see how well the new site compares against others in the field. I hope to be able to work the last few bugs out of the site over the next few days. Once we do, we'll go live. Stay tuned for an announcement about the new site!


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