Milena and Ron’s Rockleigh Country Club Wedding

Milena and Ron were recently married at the Rockleigh Country Club. This was one of the few traveling assignments I’ve had which has taken me out of state. It was quite an experience being at this wedding. The Rockleigh Country Club is a wonderful location for a wedding. My only regret is that it is not in my local area. Perhaps I’ll get lucky to have another client book me for an event at that venue.

Milena's wedding portrait taken at the Rockleigh in New York
If you can look past our lovely bride, Milena, you can see the spacious well kept grounds.

Photograph of Milena and Ron's wedding katubah signing
Here’s the Rabbi filling out the Ketuba, a Jewish wedding contract.

Photo of Milena and Ron's wedding katubah signing at the Rockleigh Country Club
A close up of the document. I’m glad the groom reads Hebrew and knows what he’s signing!

Photograph of the room decor at a Rockleigh Country Club wedding
I really liked this floral arrangement.

The Rockleigh in New York was the site for this photo from Milena and Ron's wedding.
The chuppa, Jewish Wedding Canopy, was all decked out with white roses.

Here are some from the wedding ceremony:
Ron and Milena's wedding photo at the Rockleigh
A unique wedding photo from a Rockleigh New York Wedding
A photo of the happy couple leaving their Rockleigh wedding ceremony.
This is one of my favorite photos from this wedding!

The rest of these photos are from the reception. The Rockleigh has installed an LED uplighting system which can display any color lights. They really add to the elegance of the event. As a photographer I like them because they provide an interesting background to the photos.
The Rockleigh's banquet room was the site for this photo from Ron and Milena's wedding
Ron and Milena's wedding photo at the Rockleigh
The Hora Photo during a Jewish wedding reception at the Rockleigh Country Club in New York
Another Wedding Photo taken during Milena and Ron's wedding at the Rockleigh

In these next two photos, you can see how the lighting has changed to provide a different look to the room.
Photograph of the room decor at a Rockleigh Country Club wedding
Photograph of Ron and Milena's guests dancing during their reception at the Rockleigh

When it was time to cut the cake, the lights were turned back to purple.
Ron and Milena's wedding photograph at the Rockleigh
Another Wedding Photo from Milena and Ron's wedding taken at the Rockleigh Country Club, NY.
The Rockleigh Country Club was the site for this couple's first dance photograph

Linda and Jim’s Downtown Chicago Wedding

Some days you just get lucky. There are those who say luck is when opportunity meets preparation. But then there are times when you have to notice the opportunity in order to take advantage of it. Today was a little like that.

I had the honor of photographing Linda and Jim’s wedding on Saturday. As I walked upto their apartment, I noticed a window sill with an interesting view of a brick wall. I thought that if time worked out, I would sit the bride there for some portraits. As luck would have it, we did have time. I took a test shot to get my camera set and noticed the grooms reflection in the window. A little adjustment, and we have the shot you see here!

Unique wedding photograph of Linda and Jim

We had an opportunity to take a couple of quick snaps at Humbolt Park.
Linda and Jim's wedding photo taken at Garfield park near downtown Chicago

The ceremony and reception were at Calo in the Andersonville area of Chicago. Calo had placed votives in the brick wall.
Wedding Decor Photo from Linda and Jim's downtown Chicago Wedding

A moment of levity during the ceremony.
A light moment during Linda and Jim's Chicago area wedding.

I walked by a wait station at just the right time: 6/7/08 9:10 PM
Photo of a unique moment in time.

The end of a wonderful and memorable day.
Downtown Chicago street wedding photo of Jim and Linda.

Melissa and Jeff’s Starved Rock Wedding

Today (well technically yesterday) was Melissa and Jeff’s wedding. They got married at Starved Rock, one of my favorite venues. Unfortunately, it had rained for the previous several days and the ground was too soft for an outdoor wedding. But it was onto plan “B” and everybody had a great time. Here are some photos from the wedding.

Unique ring photo from Melissa and Jeff's Starved Rock Wedding

Another Wedding Photo taken at Starved Rock State Park

Bridesmaids flower photo taken during at Starved Rock wedding

Photograph of the Starved Rock lodge headtable setup for a Wedding

Nicole and Bart’s Wedding

I’m home early tonight and feeling just a little down. Today was a beautiful day. It was a beautiful wedding. Yet, it was the last wedding of the season for me. We could not have asked for a better day! The sun was shining, it was nearly 80 degrees with a nice breeze. Normally, I like to meet my clients and spend time getting to know them before I photograph the wedding. But today’s couple was the exception to the rule. Nicole and Bart put their wedding together in just a few short weeks. For you see Bart, received deployment orders.

Meanwhile, Nicole is a student teacher this semester. In fact, the night before the wedding, she had to grade papers for Monday. Can you imagine that! No time off to get married. I feel bad for these kids. Yet the day was filled with love. I could just see it on their faces through out the day. I hope I have the opportunity to be there in a year for the reception. Here are some photos of the day:

Chicago Church Photo on the wedding day.
Chicago Church Photo on the wedding day.
Nicole's bridal boquet from her wedding
Nicole and Bart's wedding portrait taken at next to the Chicago church

Sarah and Steve’s Wedding

As I mentioned the other day, I helped another studio on Saturday. I photographed Sarah and Steve’s wedding for them. There complete wedding day was at the Doubletree Hotel Alsip. This is the second time I’ve been there this season. Once again I had the pleasure of working with Noelle, from the Doubletree. She also got me some of their chocolate chip cookies. Yum.

There were a couple of things which made Sarah and Steve’s wedding, uniquely theirs. First, they met at a racetrack, so the wedding was race themed. Rather than table numbers, they used track names. The head table was named after the racetrack where they met. Another difference at this wedding was that Sarah made the floral arrangements with faux flowers. Didn’t she do a great job!

Photo of Bridesmaids flowers at a Chicago Wedding
Photo of reception centerpiece flowers at a Chicago Wedding
Chicago area wedding reception venue photograph
Head Table photo from a Chicago area wedding reception

Roxanne and Mike’s Bedford Park Wedding

This weekend is one of the very rare weekends when I have two weddings. The first I’m shooting for my self. Tomorrow, I will be helping another studio since they were short a photographer or two and I was available. Normally I would not have done this but Roxanne and Mike had booked me until 10:00 and Saturday’s wedding did not start until 4:00 so I knew I had enough time between events.

Roxanne and Mike’s wedding was held at the Old Barn. This actually has a special meaning for me as well. When I was looking for a new job within EDS, I had just accepted the position here in Chicago. I delayed my departure in order to have dinner with the team at, you guessed it, the Old Barn. It has been years since I’ve been there but the place looks exactly the same.

Chicago area wedding reception venue photograph
Chicago area wedding reception venue photograph

I’ve got to rest as I’ve got a busy day on Saturday.