Photos from Kellye and Sean’s Wild Engagement Session at Brookfield Zoo

Kellye (yes she does add an “e” at the end of her name) and Sean had their engagement photos today. As you can see, we used a wild location, the Brookfield Zoo. It was different and a lot of fun, despite the rain. Kellye is a high school French teacher so when we saw this by the Ape house, well…. we just had to take the photo!
Kellye and Sean's Engagement Session at Brookfield Zoo.
Engagement Photo of Kellye and Sean at Brookfield Zoo.
The lake at Brookfield Zoo was the site for this engagement photo of Kellye and Sean.
This engagement photo of Kellye and Sean was taken at the lake at Brookfield Zoo.
A photo of Kellye and Sean at Brookfield Zoo taken during their engagement session

First "Free" Weekend

I can’t believe I have a “free” weekend. No weddings, No meetings, Nothing! Wedding season is finally over. While I love weddings, I do need a break to be able to recharge my creative batteries. I never want to get to the point where I dread going to “another” wedding. That would be like visiting Disney World and not being thrilled to be there.

Yesterday was Black Friday. If you were here in Chicago, you know the weather was absolutely gorgeous! It was sunny with the temps in the low to mid 60’s. There was a slight breeze. Most likely the last nice day until Spring. I decided that since it was such a beautiful day and everybody would be at the malls, then nobody would be at the zoo.

Both Meghan and Mathew were downstairs watching TV. I got Michah ready, loaded the diaper bag and made his bottles for the day. Next, I packed our drinks and Zoo bottles up. I put everything in the car. No only did Meghan and Mathew have no idea what I was doing, they were still dressed in their pajamas! I put Michah into his car seat. Finally I called Meghan and Mathew upstairs.

They were reluctant to come but I told them I had something important to tell them. Suddenly Meghan realized Michah and I were ready to go somewhere. With a puzzled look on her face she wanted to know where I was going. I replied, “Michah and I are leaving for the Zoo in 10 minutes. You can go with us but you need to be ready when we leave.” I set the timer for 10 minutes. I was amazed at how fast those two kids could move. They were ready in 9 minutes 30 seconds. They went potty and got themselves dressed in the allocated time. It just proved to me that when motivated they can move. On a school day, try telling me you can’t get dressed!

When we got to the zoo, I discovered, I was right! The parking lot was nearly empty. We had a great day.

Personal Photograph from Brookfield Zoo

Personal Photos taken at the Brookfield Zoo
Leopard enjoying the nice weather.

Personal Photograph from Brookfield Zoo
I saw this in the Fish house and took a quick shot. It actually turned out better than I thought it would. Kind of looks like a spotlight.

Personal Photos taken at the Brookfield Zoo
Just a close up view of the Zebra.