The Winner Is….

As promised I was at yesterday’s bridal show. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful ladies who are planning their special days. I really wish I’d been able to personally speak with everybody who attended. Anyway, the winner of the frame drawing is Julie Jefferson who is getting married next May. Thank you to everybody who stopped by and entered the drawing.

April 6th Bridal Show

Last Sunday I was at another bridal show. This one was at the Renaissance O’hare. But it is not actually by O’hare. It is located just off of Cumberland. Anyway after driving around for a bit I found the place.

The winner of Sunday’s drawning for a complimentary Engagement session is Jennifer Small who is getting married on July 5, 2008. That just so happens to be the same day my brother Rick, is getting married. Well I hope it is a lucky day for both of them.

Meadows Club Follow Up

Earlier today, I thought I might be able to patch things up with Linda at the Meadow’s club. Unfortunately, nothing was accomplished. Hat in hand, I arrived at the Meadow’s Club and asked to speak with Linda. Once again, I apologized. Once again, rather than accepting my apology for unwittingly bringing my equipement accross the marble floor and driving on her “sidewalk”, I was yelled at. I had thought that after a couple of days, she might have calmed down.

Meadows Club Bridal Show Redux

As a wedding vendor, I work really hard to maintain good relations with the other vendors out there. I also work to keep the blog really positive. However, there does come a time when I do need to speak out about a bad experience I had at today’s Meadow Club in Rolling Meadows. After today, I am simply unable to recommend this venue. Here’s what happened:

This is the second bridal show at the Meadow’s Club in a little over a month that I attended. When I arrived, there was a car blocking one end of the circular driveway. As people park a little crazy when unloading for a bridal show, I didn’t think much of it. I just drove around to the other side of the driveway and parked by the front door. I unloaded a couple of boxes and then the trouble began.

As I started to roll my TV into the show, Linda, the general manager at the Meadow’s club came over and started yelling at me that I was supposed to use the loading dock. I mentioned that I had not seen any notifications. I was supposed to know the car blocking the driveway was there to prevent my coming in the front door. I apologized and then loaded the van back up.

Next, I couldn’t located the owner of the car, so I decided to turn the van around. Well how was I supposed to know the concrete next to the black top was her sidewalk and I was not supposed to drive on it. No matter what I said to Linda, I was wrong. For the rest of the day, everytime she saw me she shot daggers at me with her eyes.

Linda’s attitude towards the vendors was demeaning and condescending. Several times, she used the term, “if you had half a brain you’d have known….” While she is familiar with her venue she forgets that others may not be. If it was so important to her that people use the loading docks, then she should have put signs up on the front door.

So after all is said and done, I can no longer recommend the Meadow’s club and will remove it from my recommended list. For if this is the unreasonable treatment I received at a bridal show, what treatment can my clients or fellow vendors expect at this venue. For the last thing a bride needs at her wedding is a vendor war.

Meadows Club Bridal Show January 2008

Earlier today I was at the Meadows Club Bridal show. Congratulations to Susan Reiners who is getting married July 5, 2008. She’s won a complimentary engagement session or an additional $200 off her wedding photography package.

Also as a reminder to everybody, the Magical Moments Bridal Show special runs until February 14, 2008. Book with Magical Moments Photography and receive $400 off all standard wedding photography packages.

November 13 Bridal Show Winner

The winner from last night’s bridal show drawing is Susan Cordova who is getting married next year. Please call the studio to claim your prize.

Also, as is my standard policy, any show special is automatically given to everybody who books while the special is running. This show’s special is $400 off any wedding photography package valued at $2400 or more. You just have to book Magical Moments Photography by December 31, 2007!

Bridal Show Winner

Once again we had a great bridal show. Remember that if you book your wedding within two weeks of the show, you’ll receive a complimentary $200 wedding print credit! As always, this offer applies to everybody regardless if you were at the show or not.

The winner of the matted frame for a 16×20 print worth $200 is Susan McNabb! Susan, please contact the studio within a week in order to claim your prize.

Hyatt Regency Bridal Show

Yesterday, I was at the Hyatt Regency bridal show. As always, it was great fun to meet and greet all of you who are currently planning your weddings. As promised, I’m announcing the winner of today’s drawing for a complimentary engagement session. And the winner is….. Jennifer Vogler who is getting married on July 5, 2008! Congratulation Jennifer. Please contact me to arrange your engagement session.