Photos from Kellye and Sean’s Wild Engagement Session at Brookfield Zoo

Kellye (yes she does add an “e” at the end of her name) and Sean had their engagement photos today. As you can see, we used a wild location, the Brookfield Zoo. It was different and a lot of fun, despite the rain. Kellye is a high school French teacher so when we saw this by the Ape house, well…. we just had to take the photo!
Kellye and Sean's Engagement Session at Brookfield Zoo.
Engagement Photo of Kellye and Sean at Brookfield Zoo.
The lake at Brookfield Zoo was the site for this engagement photo of Kellye and Sean.
This engagement photo of Kellye and Sean was taken at the lake at Brookfield Zoo.
A photo of Kellye and Sean at Brookfield Zoo taken during their engagement session

Milena and Ron’s Rockleigh Country Club Wedding

Milena and Ron were recently married at the Rockleigh Country Club. This was one of the few traveling assignments I’ve had which has taken me out of state. It was quite an experience being at this wedding. The Rockleigh Country Club is a wonderful location for a wedding. My only regret is that it is not in my local area. Perhaps I’ll get lucky to have another client book me for an event at that venue.

Milena's wedding portrait taken at the Rockleigh in New York
If you can look past our lovely bride, Milena, you can see the spacious well kept grounds.

Photograph of Milena and Ron's wedding katubah signing
Here’s the Rabbi filling out the Ketuba, a Jewish wedding contract.

Photo of Milena and Ron's wedding katubah signing at the Rockleigh Country Club
A close up of the document. I’m glad the groom reads Hebrew and knows what he’s signing!

Photograph of the room decor at a Rockleigh Country Club wedding
I really liked this floral arrangement.

The Rockleigh in New York was the site for this photo from Milena and Ron's wedding.
The chuppa, Jewish Wedding Canopy, was all decked out with white roses.

Here are some from the wedding ceremony:
Ron and Milena's wedding photo at the Rockleigh
A unique wedding photo from a Rockleigh New York Wedding
A photo of the happy couple leaving their Rockleigh wedding ceremony.
This is one of my favorite photos from this wedding!

The rest of these photos are from the reception. The Rockleigh has installed an LED uplighting system which can display any color lights. They really add to the elegance of the event. As a photographer I like them because they provide an interesting background to the photos.
The Rockleigh's banquet room was the site for this photo from Ron and Milena's wedding
Ron and Milena's wedding photo at the Rockleigh
The Hora Photo during a Jewish wedding reception at the Rockleigh Country Club in New York
Another Wedding Photo taken during Milena and Ron's wedding at the Rockleigh

In these next two photos, you can see how the lighting has changed to provide a different look to the room.
Photograph of the room decor at a Rockleigh Country Club wedding
Photograph of Ron and Milena's guests dancing during their reception at the Rockleigh

When it was time to cut the cake, the lights were turned back to purple.
Ron and Milena's wedding photograph at the Rockleigh
Another Wedding Photo from Milena and Ron's wedding taken at the Rockleigh Country Club, NY.
The Rockleigh Country Club was the site for this couple's first dance photograph

How to Photograph Fireworks

Around this time of year, I’m frequently asked “How do I photographer fireworks?” With a little bit of information, a decent camera, a tripod and a bit of luck, you can get wonderful fireworks photos. Before I go any further, let me start out by saying that when I photograph fireworks, I don’t expect every photo to turn out. In fact, I’m happy if I get 5-10 good shots.

Let’s start with your camera. It should allow you to control the exposure settings. That is you’ll need to be able to have a long exposure and an average aperture setting. Next you’ll need a cable release and a tripod to keep your camera steady during the long exposure. I usually set my camera to ISO200, f5.6 or f8.0. Before the fireworks show starts, I look for an area where I can see the show and yet is away from any light pollution. I set everything up and wait for the show. When the show starts, I take a couple of shots of the first few bursts. I’ll look at the images to see if I need to make any adjustments and then photographer the rest of the show. I’ll try to get several bursts on one image to create a dramatic effect. If you’re lucky you can follow a rocket into the air and then get it exploding for a wonderful shot. Have a great 4th of July.